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Illustration of Kath Whitfield

Hi, I’m Kath McIntyre. I’ll most likely be your first contact with Whitfields. Quotations, route planning, co-ordination and invoicing are among my responsibilities. Developed over 30 years, I have extensive knowledge of road networks and prop houses. This ensures that any journey is efficient, realistic and cost effective.

I’m Jimmy McIntyre. I’ve been buying, selling and moving furniture and bric a brac for over 50 years. Whitfields were world renowned antique exporters in 90’s and 00’s. About 15 years ago, because of global market forces we decided to concentrate on transport and UK trade.  I still buy and sell, popping up at markets and antique fairs. When I’m not out and about, you’ll find me in warehouse at Whitfield Lodge.

Illustration of Jimmy Whitfield
Illustration of Thomas Smith

Hello, I’m Thomas Smith, the next generation at Whitfields. I’m involved in most aspects of the business and accompany Jimmy to markets and antiques fairs. I’m the driver on many prop transport trips and removals. When I’m not on the road, you’ll find me in the warehouse too.

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