Film & TV

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One of a kind service

We started our business over 30 years ago as an international export firm, today we are the only TV and film prop transport service in the north of England.

Dedicated Service

With Whitfields you don't just hire the transport of your props, you hire a dedicated personal service at the ready to deliver whatever you need!

30 Years Experience

We have been in the business for over 30 years, we have built up an impeccable reputation within the film and TV community.

Any Size

Whether you need one bag of sand collecting or a collection of large items we have the van for the job, from small estate cars to 7.5 Tonne Trucks.

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Examples of props

In the film and TV industry no two jobs are the same, as such we have selected a handful of prop examples we have been able to supply our clients through our extensive knowledge of prop houses throughout the UK.

Office Sets

From small computer parts to entire office sets.


We have organised countless antique items for TV sets.

Drama Pieces

Whether you need a certain gun model or a uniform we have you covered.


From flowers to food items we have delivered them all.

Small items

Sometimes consistency is so important you need an exact pen, we've experienced it all.

One of a kind

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As the only Northern prop transport service we are able to guarantee amazing service times. Having been in the business for over 33 years we know that each job requires a tailor-made package as no two jobs are alike. We provide an efficient, reliable, friendly service at highly competitive rates.